our new EU warehouse!


 Hey birds,

Hopefully you’re all still comfortable and healthy chilling in your nests. We’ve got something very exciting to announce!

We really appreciate all the feedback you guys have been giving us and are continually working to improve our product quality as well as ensuring that shopping experiences with us run as smoothly as possible. It took us a few months of hard work, but we’re very happy to announce that we have now, finally, opened our second warehouse! Next to our American warehouse, we’ve opened one in Europe which will result in shorter shipping times for our European birds and lower shipping rates for everyone, plus we’re now shipping to even more territories! <3

Take a look around in our new European shop here! You can always switch between stores in the top right corner of our website. If you’re from North America and want to have a look around in our American shop, you can visit our US store here.

Please note that you’ll need to create a new account for the European shop. If you want to view your previous orders, you can always find those on the American store here!

If you have any questions or more feedback for us, please let us know by sending us a DM on our social channels or by shooting us an email at info@bitbirdofficial.com. Talk to you soon,

The bitbird fam <3